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The Prayer Wheel

One of the very special ministries of St. John’s is that we pray for one another.  To have the family of God in prayer gives encouragement and strength during times of illness, death, crisis or problem-solving – those times when we are most aware that we need strength and power beyond our own, to help us cope.

Needs come in many forms.  Our faith response is to petition the Father for the fulfillment of each need.  Our Prayer Fellowship, expressed as the St. John’s Prayer Wheel, is a call to intercessory prayer, not only for our congregation, but for friends, and our world.  We know that prayer changes things, and we also know that prayer changes us.

If you have a prayer need, please email one of the Prayer Wheel Coordinators:

Gayle Nelson at

Elaine Lemons at

Sue Nix at

We do not post the prayer requests on-line for privacy reasons.  However, the prayer requests are sent out through our network of persons who have agreed to pray for the needs.

If you would agree to pray for prayer needs, please contact us by giving your name and contact information to one of the Prayer Wheel Coordinator.

Guidelines for Prayer Wheel

  1. Request must come from a family member to the Central Hub.  It may come through the minister or a participant of the Prayer Wheel, or a church member.  ALWAYS HAVE THE PERMISSION OF THE PERSON OR A FAMILY MEMBER.
  2. One exception to the above rule:  In the event of a death, a request can be activated – BE SURE OF YOUR FACTS.
  3. Each “hub” will make every effort to advise the “spokes” of his/her wheel of the request, sometimes through answering machines.
  4. Be very specific when giving a request.  Be sure it is relayed as accurately as it was given to you.  Do not embellish.
  5. It is helpful to have an alternative Hub for each wheel.  In the event a Hub is unavailable, the activity of the Prayer Wheel will continue.
  6. The minister will be notified of all prayer requests.
  7. The Prayer Wheel can be an avenue of disseminating important information such as the canceling of a Church-sponsored program because of weather, or to lift up an event such as a Revival, Prayer Vigil, etc.
  8. Please make every effort to get Requests to a Coordinator by 5:30 p.m. so that Requests can go out by 6 p.m.