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Pastor’s Blog – 06/28/17

What’s Wrong? 
I am concerned about the massive amounts of killings in the United States of America. Every time I turn on my TV all I see seems to be the demise of our country and the world.
What on earth has happened? Why are people so fragmented? Why are we so desensitized about so many bad things We some-times act as if nothing has or is happening as long as it does not affect I, Me, or My. We see and hear more about violence due to our availability of social media. We are learning how to hate. We see how to kill and we see how to accept that which concerns us not.
We no longer teach respect, honor, and love toward our elderly. We no longer think it important to teach our religions to our fami-lies. And we no longer teach love of self, you dismiss your own self worth, and you care not probably for others. Immorality is at an all time high. Our bodies should be a temple not an entertainment center for all other to enjoy. Our mouths should be a funnel from which love comes, not the cesspool of our filth. Our eyes should see the good in others not see faults always. Our arms should open to give love to people not to shove others to the side of the road of hate.
We should realize that God can turn our hate into love, our confu-sion, into peace, and our misunderstanding into empathy. Our society will allow guns, alcohol, and drugs to be sold to those known to have mental instabilities and criminal records. We are a culture who desires the ability to watch and enjoy violence as entertainment. We sit and allow our children to watch without explaining what they see through social media.
We need to remember if love is not shown through our actions, our children will mimic our behavior. In most cases if we are the ones holding our churches hostage with our finances and our dismay, so will our offspring. As the songwriter put it is true: “What the world needs now is love sweet love.” That’s what’s wrong!
Pastor P