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Pastor’s Blog 1/16/18

“I’m Just Saying”

The song writer said (paraphrased) if when I give the best of my services, telling the world that the Savior has come be not dismayed when men don’t believe you. He “God” will understand and say well done.

Now my question is: Have you given the best of your services? Have you really told the people about our Savior; who is to come. I mean really who is to come back. Are we living a life where people have to wonder about our faith, because of our behavior?

I am also amazed at how some of us think God can not see or hear us when we are not living the right life, or saying the right things, or gossiping with others.

We say and do so much to hurt and harm people with our tongue, and don’t realize the damage. Unless we whisper to say we are having a surprise party for someone, usually the whisper is something we need not to talk about anyway. “Think about it.”

Another part to this story is we may not be the one to talk, but we do hear things. My concern is we allow others to degrade, bring down, and tear down our brothers and sisters with words uttered in our hearing, and do nothing. I wonder what would Jesus do? Do the words “He who is without sin” ring a bell? Why can’t we say this statement to others as Jesus Christ did?

Another phrase that concerns me is “I know it is none of my business but,” then leave it alone, unless you know of criminal abuse to another then call the authorities. We tend to say I knew something was wrong, this is when you need to share with the preacher, police, priest, etc. Not Sally down the street.

Why can’t we praise people more than we do? Why can’t we say I love you more than we do? Why can’t we say I am sorry, I made a mistake without an attitude? I’m just saying. Please have a great holiday and a good year.