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Pastor’s Blog 10/24/17

Why Is This World So Mean?
Partima Sharma says and I quote: “The world is not mean, we the people are. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Make a change in the way you view the world, the way you treat people and you will start seeing things in a different light.”
As I paraphrase Godfrey Reemer: The world is really not mean nor nice. It is just there for you to interact and interpret as you wish (free will) if it makes YOU happy to think the world is mean, then by all means blame the world as much as you want. But here is the thing. We are only interacting with the smallest bit of it. You still have not met 99.9% of the world’s population. So how do we know the world is mean. Maybe it is just the people you are associated with and them with you. Look for the common denominator. We know there are people who are generally kind, gentle, and understanding. You go and find them! And if you think the place where you spend most of your life is awkward, note there are a lot of people and places that are completely different than what we are always around. We do not want to leave our so called friends especially those who laugh with us, eat with us, play with us, and socialize with us.
Do they curse and we overlook this? Do they cheat and we overlook this? Do they gossip and we overlook this?
If you feel the world is mean and cruel, that is because you are interacting with the wrong part of it. STOP! Stop doing this and start looking for the right people and the right environment, and right away the world you see will become a better place. You might even like yourself better along with the rest of the world.
You may be the nicest person in the world, but what about your associates. Do they really stand where you stand? Is it the world that’s really so mean? Maybe some of us need to go to the Dollar Store and buy a mirror. With love,
—Pastor P