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Pastor’s Blog 4/4/17

In the Christian faith, Easter has come to mean the Celebration of the resurrection of Christ three days after His crucifixion. It is the one of the oldest Christian holidays and the most important day of the Christian year, because of the significance of the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the event in which Christianity is based. Easter Sunday is preceded by the Easter Season that stretched from Easter to Pentecost.
The true meaning is all about the Lord Jesus Christ’s death and His resurrection and burial; because He has Risen!
He did say He would raise the Temple in three days, but the Jewish people did not know that He meant the “Body” was the Temple that He was referring to, as Christ now re-sides in us, and not some building. He died for our sins, and those who believed in Him, and received Him as their personal Savior, will have eternal life. If we get right with God, and do it now, right down at the cross where Jesus shed His Blood. Let us get right with God, so we too can have everlasting life.
The good news is, Everlasting life is Free!
—Pastor P