Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Pastor’s Blog 8/29/17

Loving, God’s Way
Today, we are truly living in a time like no other. The Bible speaks of wars and rumors of wars, yet so many have been fought and won, or lost. It speaks of mothers against daughters and fathers against sons. We say we love one another as God loves us. My question is; how do we love one another when so many of us never were loved? How do we show what we do not know?
We claim to be the best Christians, yet we stand still and be quiet when others are mistreated, abused and misused. We fail to offer friendship and kinship to those we don’t know well, in fear of losing friends we already have. We are not as open as we claim to be to our neighbors and our communities. We are so far out of God’s reach that it scares me sometimes.
We say to people whatever is in our minds because we feel that we can, without any consequences. Our response is, “Y’all know me. I am going to speak my mind!” Maybe we should speak God’s mind. Maybe we should think about the hurt we may cause to others, or doesn’t it matter to us? As one song writer said, “If I have wounded any souls today, have I caused any souls to go astray? Dear Lord, forgive.”
We are so religiously deaf to all that is going on, that is so sad.
I am so concerned about what is happening in our nation. We have people who still feel that they are the power to end all powers; that they are to be bowed down to by all; that no other group is greater than their group. They have forgotten that Jesus is Lord! They have forgotten that Jesus said; every knee shall bow to him and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.
Every time you turn away from a brother or sister you turn from God. Let us be intentional and forgiving: giving God’s love to God’s people – ALL OF THEM!
—Pastor P